Press brakes

Updated: 16.10.2016 06:06:09

Year: 2009

Location: United States

Machine state: used

Product Description

ID #: 369475 Brand: TOYOKOKI Model: HYBRID WIN125 II Type: Press Brakes Condition: Excellent Year: 2009 Control: CNC (MITSUBISHI WIN II Windows XP 3D Touch Screen Control) Seller: Show me who the seller is... Location: United States Price: Request a QuoteAdded to Request list Tonnage: 137 T OA Length: 122 " BH: 104.3 " Stroke: 9.8 " Weight: 17,600 Control: CNC (MITSUBISHI WIN II Windows XP 3D Touch Screen Control) Model Number HYBRID125 WIN II Year of Mfg. 2009 Tonnage Capacity 125 Metric/137 U.S. Table Length 122” Distance Between Housings 104.3" Stroke Length 9.8” Frame Gap 16.1" Open Height(w/Punch Holder) 15.3" Ram Speed: Approach 1/110(mm/s) Bend 0.1/15(mm/s) Return 2/196(mm/s) Ram Position Accuracy +/- 0.0001” Back Gauge Range 33.5”(w/Tilt 19.7”) Back Gauge Speed 1,181 IPM Back Gauge Position Accuracy +/- 0.00039” AC Servo Motor Driven Hydraulic Ram System, Multi-Axis CNC Ram Control & Back Gauging System w/MITSUBISHI WIN II Windows XP 3D Touch Screen Control(Standard Features include 15” Color Touch Screen, Ethernet & USB Ports, 3D Graphics, Rotary Pulse Handle for Manual Control of Ram & Back Gauge Movements), Patented Double Wedge CNC Crowning, Complete Set of European Style Upper Tool Holders w/Independent Adjustable Cams, Automatic Thickness Detection, Automatic Ram Tilting, Automatic Back Gauge Tilting, Front CNC Vertical Sheet Supports, Pedestal Mounted Emergency Stop Button w/Electric Foot Switches, & Optional Hemming Table.